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The Mayan and Viking historiography needs to be rewritten.

All "knowledge" of the numbers of the "Mayan calendar," the end age of 2012 and the hypotheses about the location of Atlantis and its capital Atlan coincide like a house of cards.




"ABC of the MAYA"

 "Atlan Became Capital of the MAYA"

Joachim Rittstieg, Real-School Rector (1937 — 2014 ), has been working very intensively on MAYA culture since 1971, especially with its numbers, data and calendars. He has lived with his family in Central America for six years, touring and researching the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador countless times.

After years of painstaking work, the author has succeeded in deciphering all MAYA calendars.

They complement each other.

The new date of the beginning (19. 02. 2700 BC) gives rise to unimagined connections for the chronology and history of MAYA.

Even the founding and doomsday date of America's first capital ATLAN and the location of the city itself could be determined by the author.

It is also surprising that from 754 – 1224 AD, there were contacts between the MAYA and the Vikings.

Information from today's "MAYA priests," whose trust he gained, whose knowledge he gathered and now publishes as a book, was particularly helpful.

For example, this book represents the future basic knowledge of MAYA research: A standard work that all interested parties need. The reader gets basic knowledge of American culture before Columbus.


The book is no longer available.



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