EDDA Codex Dresdensis


Golden Law Billboards


Worldwide, for the first time, correct translation of the EDDA with astounding results:

Golden panels of ATLANTIS (= Asgard) located.


The World Heritage Site of the 21st Century

can now be recovered:


The Golden Lawboards are located in Asgard, according to EDDA, according to MAYA-traditions in ATLAN and

according to Plato in Atlantis.


The panels could now located

in Central America.


It's hard to believe:

The EDDA describes facts that occurred between 700 and 800 AD in Central America (long before Columbus): Vikings found the Golden Tables, which had sunk in a major disaster in 666 BC, during construction work on the Idafeld.


MAYA descendants still know today about their first lost capital ATLAN, about two major disasters and about the exact location of the city.


The Codex Dresdensis, a pre-Columbian MAYA manuscript, even records ATLAN's founding and doomsday date.


Plato has written down detailed information about ATLANTIS, about a city across the Atlantic that had gone down (some 300 years earlier).

This information can only come from Phoenicians who traded with the rulers of America between 800 and 650 BC in


"polis atlantis" (= city of ATLAN).

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Scientists are called upon to provide their location data.


Thus, gradually, a complete history book of the Mayans emerges for the period of


From: to:

G-M-T: From: 292 to: Around 1000 A.D.

NEW: From: 15.08.754 to: 14.09.1224


based on the first correctly provided calendar data of Joachim Rittstieg.



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